Moxie Proxy Is Leaking Your Personal Information on Janitor AI!Stop Using It Now!

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What is Moxie Proxy?

Moxie Proxy is a private space on Hugging Face that provides developers with a platform to create and train personal assistant chatbots. It serves as a resource-rich environment for building AI-powered conversational agents tailored to specific needs.

What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is a powerful and versatile chatbot with a lot of potential.It uses artificial intelligence to interact with users. It offers a variety of character options and allows users to be creative in their conversations. It is a powerful tool for creating your own chatbot and having a personal conversation with your chatbot.

How Moxie Proxy Leaks Your Information on Janitor AI?

Recent investigations have exposed a significant vulnerability in Moxie Proxy, resulting in the leakage of personal information through Janitor AI. When a user connects to Moxie Proxy, their data is stored in a temporary file on the proxy server. This file is then deleted when the user disconnects, but it is possible for someone with access to the proxy server to view the file before it is deleted.The breach allows unauthorized access to sensitive data, potentially exposing users to privacy risks and data misuse.

What Can You Do to Prevent Leaking?

To mitigate the risk of your personal information being leaked, it is crucial to take immediate preventative measures:

  • Cease Usage: Discontinue using Moxxie Proxy until the security vulnerabilities are addressed and resolved.
  • Monitor Accounts: Regularly monitor your Janitor AI account and closely observe any suspicious activities or unauthorized access.
  • Strengthen Passwords: Ensure that you have strong, unique passwords for all your Janitor AI accounts, including those associated with Moxxie Proxy.
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Implement two-factor authentication where possible to provide an additional layer of security for your accounts.

What Can You Do If You've Already Used Moxie Proxy?

If you have already utilized Moxxie Proxy, it is crucial to take the following steps:

  1. Change Passwords: Immediately change passwords for all associated accounts, including your Janitor AI and Hugging Face accounts.
  2. Monitor for Suspicious Activity: Be vigilant for any signs of unusual activity, such as unauthorized access or suspicious emails.
  3. Report any Concerns: If you notice any potential signs of data misuse or unauthorized access, report the issue to the relevant authorities and seek professional guidance.

Is There a Moxie Proxy Alternative?

Considering the recent security breach, it may be prudent to explore alternative platforms for developing personal assistant chatbots. Some viable alternatives to Moxie Proxy include Replit and Pandorabots.


The alarming discovery of personal information leakage through Janitor AI within Moxxie Proxy raises significant concerns about user privacy and the security of sensitive data. Urgent action is needed from the developers to address and rectify the security vulnerabilities to safeguard user information and restore confidence in the platform’s reliability


The precise details and extent of the leaked personal information are yet to be disclosed. Further investigations are underway to ascertain the specific data exposed.

The risks associated with the leaked personal information include identity theft, data misuse, and potential compromise of sensitive accounts or personal records.

The legal implications will depend on various factors, including the specific laws and regulations governing data protection and privacy in the relevant jurisdictions. Users affected by the breach should consult legal professionals for guidance on potential recourse.